Are your rates available online?

As incredibly convenient as it would be to have my rates available for everyone to view and download online, I do not publicly share my rates for several different reasons.  If you are interested in working with me, I will happily provide you with all the information needed to connect.  Just visit the contact page here to get the dialogue started.

Do you work with a 2nd photographer?

Yes. Every collection I offer includes a 2nd photographer on the day of coverage.  In fact, there are more instances where you will find myself with two assistants/photographers covering your wedding day than just one.  We are a pretty remarkable team and have a strategic approach to capturing your big day!

Do you edit all your photos?

Yes.  Every photo that I capture and/or any associates capture working on my behalf is indeed edited by me.  I am extremely compulsive with the post processing process.

Where is your home base? Will you travel, and how far?

My home base of operations is Central Alabama.  I have captured and continue to capture many sessions and wedding days throughout the beautiful state of Alabama as well as the Southeast region.  I am completely open to travel.  Due to this, rates for weddings outside of a hundred mile radius of my location will be different from local weddings within my hundred mile radius.

How many pictures will we receive?

Each event and/or session is completely different.  There honestly is no way to provide a set amount of finalized images.  I can assure that you will receive extensive detailed coverage tailored to your specific event.

What does unlimited wedding day coverage mean in your collections?

This simply means that I am not a by the hour photographer.  Personally, I don’t like to be rushed and I would never want to rush you on your wedding day.  I create a wedding photography timeline for us to follow that ensures we capture all of the necessary coverage to make your wedding album nothing short of amazing.  It doesn’t mean that we stick around for the after party once departure has occurred.  Additional rates will apply to stay beyond 3-4 hours of reception coverage.

Will you photograph our rehearsal dinner?

The rehearsal dinner is not included in my coverage collection, but I will totally photograph your rehearsal if you would like for an additional fee.

What is the online gallery?

The online gallery is where I upload all the edited images and provide you with a link where you can view, download, purchase prints, leave comments, and share your images with family, friends, as well as directly on your social media pages.  Downloading the images off of the gallery are only available if you have purchased the rights to print.  Convenience Perfected!!

Do I really need a wedding album in the digital world we live in today?

Yes, I think so. Many people get their USB drive filled with all of their images and sometimes lose site of the idea that it is not your final product.  My wedding albums are handcrafted, custom designed albums that are incredible to hold.  Think about it:  technology change is constant. DVD’s and Compact discs not too long ago were the common transfer of viewable data.  Not anymore.  Your wedding album will be there for generations to come.  Always Print!!

What is the design process of the wedding album?

It’s super simple, and does require some action on your part.  Once you receive your finalized images, and you have had some time to swoon over them with family and friends, we will quickly reach out to you to get the album design process started.  Myself or my team will send you a website link that includes all of your wedding day images, and you’ll also see in the link we have the process started for you by selecting images we feel will make a beautiful album in design.  You’ll then have the opportunity to view our selection and select your favorite images.    Once our selection is approved by you we start designing with online proof of your album’s design before it becomes printed and handcrafted.  We’ll make sure your album is incredible, and the process is super simple.  However, I can’t keep your gallery up forever, so it’s extremely important for you to select your images and approve your design.

Can I customize my wedding collection?

Absolutely!  It is extremely popular for both my wedding and portrait clients to customize their own collections.

What is the USB print release?

Once I finish editing the images I transfer all the images to a custom designed USB drive in a little incredible wooden box also custom designed with documentation that allows you to print your images anywhere you choose.  This does include pre-wedding sessions such as engagement and bridal sessions.  This is not a copyright release, I am still the creator and owner of the images.  This release allows you to print your images from anywhere or any lab you would like.

Do we get the negatives?

I spend a great deal of time with a ton of late nights carefully selecting and editing all of your images.  As much as I would love to tell you that every image I take is the money shot, it is far from the truth in photography.  People blink, get distracted, or I make a mistake.  I eliminate all of those images before sharing your final images.  There is no reason to provide you with all 2500 images we have taken from your wedding day.  Trust me.

How much film do you shoot?

Once again, I wish I could tell you exactly how much film I will shoot at a given session or wedding day.  I will say that I will shoot as much film as possible, depending on the availability of light and the flow of your day goes ultimately determines how much film I will shoot.

What happens if you become extremely ill or cannot photograph my wedding or session?

First of all, I hope this situation never happens, as it hasn’t happened thus far (knocking on wood).  If for some crazy reason it does then one of my associates (2nd photographer/assistant) will take my spot and take over your event coverage.  Sessions can always be rescheduled to a later day.  If not, my assistant or a fellow colleague I find suitable will take my place.

You are a “hybrid” shooter, what does that mean and why?

I am a hybrid shooter, meaning I shoot both digital and film not just one or the other.  I really enjoy shooting on film, it adds a whole other level of excitement, enjoyment, and challenge for me as a photographer.  Plus, film offers a very unrivaled genuine aesthetic look from digital. However, wedding photography is a very fast paced work day for me with unpredictable lighting and environments that may not be ideal for film photography.  Sometimes film is just bad film and rolls could come back as undeveloped,  which is why I will always use both forms of photography to my advantage.

How do you capture the day?

I provide a very detailed wedding photography timeline that I provide for you and/or your wedding planner/coordinator/wedding vendors.  This ensures I have enough time slotted for each aspect of your wedding day to create beautiful wedding images, hence unlimited wedding day coverage.

How soon do we get to see our images?

Due to the amount of images that have to be individually touched and edited please allow at least 6-8 weeks for your photos to be delivered to you.  Although my intentions are always to get your images back as soon as humanly possible I want to be absolutely positive you get the quality images I am reputable for providing to every client.  Sometimes, in very rare cases, like during peak wedding seasons it could be as long as 10-12 weeks.

Do we receive the raw unedited files?

All the files you receive will be edited hi-resolution images converted into JPEG format.  Editing your photos is part of my craft and cannot be duplicated.  I never provide raw unedited images in any shape, form, or fashion.

Do you do engagement and bridal sessions?

Yes.  I do both engagement and bridal sessions.  When you select a collection or build a collection you are excited about, you will have the option to choose either an engagement or bridal session or both as part of your collection.

What is your style of photography?

I’m a very cinematic and emotional photographer.  I have a way with framing and post production that is my own way.  It’s a real unique style of photography.  It’s probably much easier for me to say what I am not, which is a traditional or trendy photographer.  I didn’t study my craft from another photographer in my area.  I have spent countless hours over the years developing my own craft and will do so for the longevity of my career.

Do you take family formal photos at the wedding?

No question!  I highly recommend having the bride and groom photographed with their families in a formal setting, usually the ceremony.

Can we give you a shot list?

You can give me a shot list but because of the nature of wedding photography, it is impossible for me to really take in your wedding day to the fullest while replicating certain images you must have.  Providing a shot list of images you would like to have with specific family members or others versus replicating a pinterest board are very different concepts.  I cannot replicate other photographer’s images of other people.  That’s just wrong to do, and never really works out.  Inspiration is one thing, copying is another.

Do you have insurance?

Of course I do!  I would think any self respecting business owner would operate with insurance.

What equipment do you use?

I use professional Canon digital cameras and lenses.  Currently in my bag I bring seven different lenses.  Lots of Kodak & Fuiji Film color as well as Ilford & Kodak black and white film.  I have a Leica M4 film camera that produces stunning black and white exposures.  We also use a couple of vintage Polaroid cameras with instant film that we give to you at the end of the evening in a personalized box made of cotton paper.  I will have five to six cameras on me for most of your day.  My assistants also use professional Canon digital cameras and lenses as well.  We definitely have a back ups:-).

How long have you been in business?

I have been in business for almost ten really incredible years so far!

Can you hold a date for us?

Unfortunately, I cannot.  If you want a specific date then you may reserve it with a non-refundable retainer fee.

Can I buy or upgrade product/prints after the wedding?

Absolutely, yes!  If you decide you want more products whether it be prints, additional albums, canvases, etc. after your event, you can order them through me.

Can we get the full copyright to our images?

There’s a difference between copyright release and a copyright transfer.  The print release is a document I provide and sign that allows you to print from any lab you would like, which is essentially what most photographers refer to a “copyright release”.  I created the images, and I will not transfer the origin of the creation of those images.  Most definitely print your pictures and share everywhere!!

Do you offer discounts to past wedding couples as future new and exciting events occur?

If you are a past wedding couple that I have had the pleasure of working with you will receive your future print release images for all future sessions, for the rest of my sole being here on earth.  In addition to no longer having to pay for high resolution images, you also receive a discount on the price of your session/collection.  This includes maternity, family, lifestyle, and anniversary sessions.

I’m a photographer just starting out, may I shadow or assist you for free during a wedding?

I’m sorry, under no circumstances would I ever allow that any “shadowing” happen during a paid event or wedding.  It’s simply not fair to my precious clients.  If you’re interested in a mentorship in photography I’d be happy to speak to you and improve your understanding of photography…..or at least my understanding.  If you’re looking to join our team as a associate photographer of Nick Frontiero Photography definitely contact me.

We want to book you, what do we need to do?

I’d love to have you all on my calendar!  To book me for your session, wedding, event, or project I just need your retainer fee and contract completed/signed to secure your date on my calendar.