The Jenkins Wedding – Montgomery Alabama Wedding Photography

Montgomery Alabama Wedding Photography

Name | Wendy & Taylor

Date | 03.19.16

Ceremony Venue | Capital City Club

Reception Venue | Capital City Club

Wedding Planner | Jackie Frontiero

Floral | Dana’s Floral Design

Wedding Cake | Peggy McKinney Cakes

Groom’s Cake | Peggy McKinney Cakes

Bridal Gown | Heidi Elnora

Additional Bridal Accessories | Sarah Gabriel Design

Bridesmaids DressesBadgley Mischka

Photography | Nick Frontiero Photography


I am lucky enough to be able to do what I love for a living, working with wonderful people constantly.  Some things just never get old.  I continue to work with special people and with Wendy & Taylor I had the honor to photograph a couple who kept me laughing the entire day.  Wendy & Taylor drove from their residence in Georgia to meet me at my home studio one evening and explained their vision of their wedding day, which included their expectations of a wedding photographer, and great concern about how I would portray their journey together from the beginning.  Taylor kept saying that he was there to marry his best friend, and the images reflect that.  Capturing their wedding ceremony in the Capital City Club of Montgomery (the tallest building in the city) lobby and their wedding reception on the top floor overlooking the beautiful night sky of downtown Montgomery did not disappoint.  I remember the day being extremely windy, almost impossible to photograph the gals outside.  The struggle was totally worth it!  There was a beautiful tribute to Wendy’s father from her mother during the reception in which a champagne bottle titled “it’s a girl” was unopened during her birth that he always wanted to give her on her wedding day.  It’s moments like that, that remind you that the journey started long before the wedding day. 

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