The Torres Wedding – Montgomery Alabama Wedding Photography

Montgomery Alabama Wedding Photography

Name |  Bailey + Joshua

Date |  July 1, 2017

Ceremony & Reception Venue |  The Alley Station Warehouse

Event Planning, Design & Floral |  Dana’s Floral Design

Caterer |  Sugar B’s Bakery & Cafe Prattville, AL

Wedding Cake |  Barb’s Cakes Alabaster, AL

Bridal Gown |  By Alfred Angelo-from Bridal Boutique & Tux Shoppe in Prattville, Al

Bridesmaids Dresses |  David’s Bridal

Hair & Makeup |  Hair & Makeup by Danielle Ivy

Groom & Groomsmen Attire |  The Locker Room in Montgomery, AL

Invitations & Stationary |  Wiregrass Weddings in Elba, AL

Music/Entertainment |  Brandon Dunn with WellDunn Entertainment

Event Rentals |  Brendle Rentals in Montgomery, AL

Lighting Design |  AG Lighting in Birmingham, AL

Photography | Nick Frontiero Photography


No matter how many times I pick up a camera, I still get a little nervous before each portrait session and wedding day.  I think this happens due to my level of compulsion for making sure that everything is the best it can be.  This anxious feeling comes even more when I know the couple or person I’m photographing on a personal level.  Bailey (our bride here) has become a very close and dear friend of our family over the past couple of years.  She’s actually my wife’s assistant at Dana’s Floral Design.  Even though Bailey and I have never really discussed this directly, I know she knows what to expect from me.   On weddings that Jackie and I co-work, Bailey is typically with Jackie, so she has a bit more of an inside perspective on just about everything wedding related.  She’s seen all the highs and lows that working on a wedding day can bring.  By now, I feel like the expectations of my work are probably at an all time high, as they should be.  It’s just one of those things where I feel like the expectation bar is raised even more when capturing people you are close with.  It’s the “Hey, I’ve seen all of your beautiful work with other brides and couples, but this time it’s my turn!” kind of mindset.  The whole day I ask myself the question “is this going to be good enough for them?”  Rather than just questioning “is this good enough for me?”  Photographing Bailey and Josh’s wedding day was very much like photographing one of our own.

As we eased into the day, those thoughts quickly vanished and the day moved on just like any other wedding day.   Bailey however, didn’t make things easy on us.  Her venue happens to be one that I’ve photographed a lot of.  I always have an approach to make every wedding seem unique and different from the others, but I’ve photographed here a ton in the past.  Adding familiarity is one thing, but continuity can feel like a creative trap on an already cramped for time wedding day.  So as I’m capturing portraits and moments, in the back of mind I’m trying to plan my next move: how I’m going to photograph whatever is next on the timeline and most importantly where.  Something different, something I haven’t done before.  To add to this, it’s the beginning of July here in Alabama where the heat is already pretty intense.  Luckily, our day started off with Bailey and the rest of the lovely gals getting ready at the Hampton Inn in Downtown Montgomery.  This is a place I haven’t been before, and while most hotels have that same kind of feel to them,  I was able to get a fresh perspective on all of the details which helped to diversify the day.  We had a source of light coming in from a window for all of the getting ready images which was great to utilize.

Moving on to portraits, there’s a riverboat docked on the river not too far from where we were.  Bailey gave off this beautiful white light majestic vibe in her dress and her bridal bouquet was created of completely white peonies.  The riverboat seemed like a great idea, something I haven’t done before with a bride.  Bailey left us speechless with images here and it turned out better than I could have imagined.  The bridesmaids were in extremely colorful attire and we were able to set up the riverboat as a background for most of group images.  It all just helped Bailey shine and the tones really are breathtakingly gorgeous.  I don’t think everyone was happy with the walk we had to make to get there and back, but the images were totally worth it!

Getting to know Josh through an engagement session and seeing him around Bailey from time to time, really gave me a solid perspective for his personality for his portraits.  Josh is the kind of fella that takes portraits literally and all he could think about was how beautiful Bailey was going to be……and the moment he would finally be able to see her.  The anticipation was there for sure.  I could tell Josh could’ve used a beer or twelve just to help him really embrace how this was still a really fun day for him.  Our groomsmen did a great job of getting Josh to open up a little bit and provide a lot of candid moments over a brew or two:-).

Our ceremony was on the Alley Station rooftop with a very short aisle but a wide layout for seating.  The drape and cross with the buildings in the background was a really beautiful backdrop for the ceremony.  A couple of my nieces were flower girls and my little two year old son was a ring bearer, which was really cool to see.  Seeing Josh lay eyes on Bailey was magical though and while usually after the ceremony on the rooftop I look for wedding portraits elsewhere, this time we stuck around.  The lighting up there was just too good to pass up.  We went from slightly overcast during the ceremony, to suddenly a golden sun setting light without a cloud in the sky for couple portraits.  A photographer’s every day request was met!!  Perfect for a few medium format film images on the Hasselblad!

The reception in the Alley Station Ballroom featured all the usual suspects of wedding vendors, so everything was completely flawless for Bailey and Josh.  After a couple of hours of reception fun and celebratory events we migrated back to the rooftop for a few nighttime portraits.  Then back down to ground level for a sparkler send off!  Just like that another stunning wedding was in the books for 2017!!  For at least a little while, my compulsiveness took a backseat….until I started working on the almost 3000 images in post.  Which you can view here below:-)

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