The Barton Baby Announcement- Prattville, Alabama

The Barton Announcement

Baby Announcement Photography Prattville, Alabama

This couple is two beautiful souls with a wonderful announcement for family and friends!  I’ve known of Holly prior to the shoot as she is the Marketing/Wedding Specialist at The Happy Catering Company (a great catering company based out of Birmingham, Alabama).  Holly emailed me informing me that her and her husband Andrew were expecting, and wanted me to document a session commemorating their announcement!!  Bonus that they wanted to have their fur companions Titan and Tucker in the session as well!

They drove down to my studio here in Prattville, Alabama over the weekend, and got to spend an amazing afternoon photographing this beautiful family!  I hit it off with Holly and Andrew almost immediately, and although we had some great ideas in store for images with the dogs Titan (the shepherd) had other ideas.  Honestly Titan was just being a puppy,  and really puppies are like small children.  So just like you would photograph most small children you display great patience and capture them in their raw element.  Tucker however gets a crazy good doggy photo award in my book…..but little Tucker is much older than Titan… we’ll cut Titan some slack here:-).

This little area is right across the street from my studio, and the lighting couldn’t be more perfect on a sunny day in the late afternoon!  I’ve literally spent almost a decade as a professional photographer driving everywhere to find the perfect spot with the perfect lighting for every outdoor session I’ve had.  When I moved into my studio this past January I couldn’t have been any more fortunate to have found the location that I have.  I have a pretty sweet spot inside for headshots and backdrop imagery,  and I also have access to an amazing space directly upstairs from me!  Not to mention the outdoor space I have directly across street you see here!  I had such a wonderful time photographing these two capturing their announcement, that I am hoping I get to see them again for a maternity session in the near future!!

Unfortunately shortly after our session Titan passed away in a tragic accident while in the care of a professional service.  It was actually quite devastating to hear of their loss, Titan was Holly’s dream dog….and she was beyond elated to have their child grow up with Titan.  If you are a pet owner you know that your pet is literally just another child and extension of your immediate family.  I can’t imagine how difficult it could be to lose your pet due to poor neglect while your pet was in the care of a supposed professional.  After learning of this tragedy it’s been brought to my attention that this happens much more often that anyone of us actually hear about.  It’s completely intolerable, and there should be consequences to those that neglect animals.  The couple posted this link in social media and asked that you help make leaving dogs in hot cars illegal.

Please sign this petition, and make sure what happened to Titan doesn’t happen again:  Petition
Couple Baby Announcement Couple Baby Announcement

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