The Harper Wedding – Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photography

Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photography

The Harper Wedding – Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photography

Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photography


Name | Rosalynn & Carlos

Date | 06.18.16

Ceremony Venue | Renaissance Birmingham Ross Bridge Resort & Spa

Reception Venue | Renaissance Birmingham Ross Bridge Resort & Spa

Wedding Planner | M. Elizabeth Weddings & Events

Floral | HotHouse Design Studio

Wedding Cake | Pastry Art Bake Shoppe

Hair & Makeup | Zephrine Barnes

Photography | Nick Frontiero Photography


Rosalynn & Carlos contacted me on what seems like forever ago for a consultation discussing their wedding day photography journey.  I think it was close to a year that had gone by, and I never heard back from either of them to continue the discussion.  As a wedding photographer, I get kind of bombarded by inquiries from brides…..some take it a step further to schedule a consultation and typically those do end up securing me for their day.  However, so much time had passed since I had met with Ros & Carlos it kind of slipped my mind….then unexpectedly I got another email from Ros.  Stating that they had been blessed with a little baby boy Carson which delayed things a bit for their wedding celebration.  Totally understandable!!

It was my first time capturing a wedding at the Birmingham Ross Bridge Golf Resort and Spa which is an unmistakably gorgeous retreat for anyone looking to get away for a bit.  To sweeten the day even more I got to work with some pretty amazing vendors as well from around the Birmingham area.  Rosalynn was such a sweet, soft spoken, laid back, and incredibly gorgeous bride……and Carlos is just as sweet and hilarious to be around.  Carlos knew everything about Birmingham both past and present, so if you ever need a Birmingham, AL tour guide, call this guy!!  Their images are perfect and particular, and that’s how this couple’s day was from beginning to end.  Even the kiddos had these gorgeous puzzles and activities to do during the wedding reception, which was mostly candle light lit and deeply romantic.  It’s a beautiful thing when your couple for the day are people you would just hang out with, their families and friends just as wonderful, and I am so excited to see where Rosalynn, Carlos, and Carson go from here.  Truly great company to be around and photograph on 06.18.16.

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