The Hutto Wedding – Eclectic Alabama Wedding Photography

Eclectic Alabama Wedding Photography

The Hutto Wedding – Eclectic Alabama Wedding Photography

Eclectic Alabama Wedding Photography


Name | Rachel & Colby

Date | 09.03.16

Ceremony Venue | The Hitching Post

Reception VenueThe Hitching Post

Floral | Christy Spears

Caterer | A Catered Affair

Wedding Cake | Ashlyn’s Cake Cottage

Bridal GownWhite Dresses Boutique 

Bridesmaids DressesLady in Lace

Hair & MakeupAbby Moorer

Groom & Groomsmen Attire | Men’s Warehouse

Invitations & StationaryBetty Lu Paperie 

Music/Entertainment | Lucky Town Band

Photography | Nick Frontiero Photography


Nothing makes a long day of shooting a wedding more fun than being able to capture a wedding where the bride and groom are just so obviously excited about life and even more so of a life with each other.  Rachel and Colby were very much so this couple.  It’s the first detail I picked up on during their consultation with me along with how close they were with their families…..and how close their families were with each other.  Probably the most closely nit family that I’ve been around in a long time, which created a day filled with astronomical candids!  Rachel was constantly giddy, making us and everyone around her laugh hysterically.  She is the type of bride that just puts a genuine smile on your face.  Colby was the exact opposite so to speak, so pleasantly laid back that he just went with the flow of the day even though it was a southern scorcher outside for a September day.  If it’s true that opposites attract, remarkably this couple not only offers what the other may lack in personality, but also need each other to counter balance the other.  They were both brought up from incredible Southern families who were so wonderful that they made my team feel like part of their family for the day.

They held their wedding ceremony and reception at the Hitching Post in Ecclectic, Alabama, (a relatively new wedding venue) which combines a unique view with a pond, beautiful vivid bright green grass and trees and a couple of nearby silo’s to cap off the scenery, which made it ridiculously easy to find spots to take pictures in just a few steps in any direction!  It completed the couple’s rustic feel of the wedding reception that took place both inside and right outside of the barn.  The most attractive little nook here at this venue was the bridal suite the bride and bridesmaids were nestled in for much of the day.  Most barn like venues that i’ve seen don’t have central air conditioning spaces for the couple to get ready.  This one did have that feature, with a lot of space as well and tons of mirrors on the wall for the gals to use throughout the day.  It was a super modern feature on such a rustic getaway feel to the venue.

I have no doubt that this couple will be able to handle anything life throws at them with all the love and support they have around them accompanied with the genuine love the have for each other.  It was great pleasure of mine working with and documenting this family’s wedding day.  Perfect wedding + perfect couple = perfect wedding blog:-).

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