Mason Parker – Autauga, Alabama Senior Portraits


Autauga, Alabama High School Senior Portraits

Always a fan of tying in sports into senior portraits!  Mason was and All-Star playing catcher for the Autaugaville Academy Generals during his high school senior year.  So working in some baseball images in the dugout and on the diamond were a must have!  He also had an interest in the outdoors so his mother Selena suggested getting some portraits out at Jackson Lake as well.  We had a few scheduled sessions we had to reschedule due to all of the rain we received over the winter months before baseball started in the Spring.

To get a beautiful sunshine kind of day we had to schedule an early morning shoot.  Which was fun to do out at Jackson Lake, I’m used to shooting out there in the late afternoons.  The Town of Spectre is still standing out there at Jackson Lake which was used as the set of the movie Big Fish filmed here in Alabama which was released in 2003.  The remaining property out there at Jackson Lake is beautiful, I’ve done a lot of other sessions out there over the years.  Pretty refreshing to capture this session in the morning rather than the evening because the lighting is essentially opposite of what I am used to.  If you photograph at the set of Big Fish in the evening you have a lot of harsh natural light coming in at the entrance of the set.  Whereas this early morning session in the same scene was back lit.  You can definitely feel that early morning light throughout the session.

We started at Jackson Lake, and then finished up with Mason in full uniform at Autauga Academy.  I really loved the images of him in the dugout area with all of his gear.  That portion of the session just seemed really comfortable for Mason to photograph in and really provided a classic nostalgia essence to his senior portraits.  To close out the session Mason had a Valdosta State t-shirt under his jersey.  His family wanted those images to surprise extended family and friends showing that he already committed to playing ball with Valdosta State at the collegiate level.  I thought that was a pretty rad idea!!  I’ll certainly be cheering for Mason at the next level of his athletic career, and hoping he has the opportunity to take it to the professional level.


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