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Alabama Wedding and Engagement Photography | Lauren & Patrick Engagement Session

I’ve been fortunate enough over the past several years to land a session or a wedding day with a family and have them continue to use me for everything image related moving forward.  If you’re also a portrait and wedding photographer you know how challenging this is to make happen.  I first worked with the Crosby’s several years ago documenting Lauren’s sister Casey’s wedding day.

Since then I’ve had the honor of photographing Lauren’s senior portraits, her parents 25th wedding anniversary, Casey’s maternity session, and several family sessions.  I’ve worked with a ton of families, and the Crosby’s just keep coming back!  So when Lauren got engaged this year I knew I was going to have another beautiful wedding to photograph with this beautiful family.

Lauren and Patrick are both Auburn University grads, and rather than take their engagement portraits on campus (which is beautiful by the way) Lauren requested that we venture to the nearby city of Opelika, Alabama.  It was important to Lauren that her engagement session was both authentic and original for her and Patrick.  Lauren is right, a lot of pictures go down on campus at Auburn University and rightfully so, it’s pretty impossible to not get a great image on campus there.  I feel the same way about our location choice with downtown Opelika as well.

Needless to say Downtown Opelika did not disappoint.  In fact, it was pretty refreshing to photograph these two there.  I personally like a good mix of inside and outside images for most of my sessions.  Working inside forces you to slow down quite a bit much like shooting on film.  So to have the opportunity to pop in a location like Ampersand Wine was pretty incredible.  The mood and availability of light inside here was perfect, and the folks inside at Ampersand were kind enough to welcome us inside to continue our session.  We did spend quite a bit of time inside here as it offered a lot of unique opportunities.  As you can see below we definitely got plenty of outdoor images as well!

It was awesome to see Lauren and Patrick so happy during the session!!  They photographed magically together throughout the session, it was one of those sessions where as a photographer you didn’t want it to end.  No matter where we stopped in Downtown Opelika every setting and image is equally as gorgeous as the images that proceeded and followed!  These two are definitely head over heels in love with each other, and I’m super excited to have them as my first wedding in 2020 next year!!


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