The Vinson Wedding – Pike Road Alabama Wedding Photography

Pike Road Alabama Wedding Photography

The Vinson Wedding – Pike Road Alabama Wedding Photography

Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photography


Name | Hope & Scott

Date | 09.10.16

Ceremony Venue | The Oaks Plantation

Reception VenueThe Oaks Plantation

Wedding Planner | Crystal Strickland

FloralSouthern Posies

Caterer | A Catered Affair

Wedding CakeBarb’s Cakes

Groom’s Cake | McKinney Cakes

Additional Desserts | Sugar B’s Bakery & Cafe & Steel City Pops

Bridal GownIvory and White

Bridesmaids Dresses | Bella’s Bridal & Formal

Hair & Makeup | Brooke Haigler

Groom & Groomsmen AttireJos A. Banks

Invitations & Stationary | Kara Anne Paper

Additional Signage | Krystal Hamilton

Music/Entertainment | The Park Band

Lighting Design | Design Productions

Photography | Nick Frontiero Photography


It was an absolute pleasure getting to know Hope and Scott from the very beginning.  Really, really beautiful people to be around, and their families are exactly the same.  Immediately, while photographing their engagement session, Hope struck me as the quintessential southern bride type.  She has the look of a true Alabama bride is the best way I can describe it.  Everything lined up beautifully for these two, from the engagement session, to the bridal session, and then ultimately the wedding day.

The whole day was filled with awesome, emotion filled candid moments, like when Hope and her mom and dad exchanged gifts to one another.  You can almost feel what they are feeling just from their expressions and I was lucky enough to capture some of these moments so that I can share them.  Some good examples: one of the pictures below is a side by side picture of Scott and his sister, who was also a bridesmaid, walking down he aisle, cringing from crying.  The picture of Scott is him laughing at her reaction to her brother getting married.  This moment made everyone smile.  Another one is side by side pictures of Hope and Hope’s father looking into the distance.  It was wonderful that I was able to capture them at the exact moment they were looking at one another right before he walked her down the aisle.  He has a look of pride that this beautiful bride is his daughter and sadness that she will soon belong to someone else.  You can see the emotion in both of their expressions as if to say “are you ready for this?”

The weather was perfect, the decor was perfect, the venue was perfect, the dress was perfect and the candid moments throughout the day were icing on top of the cake.  As I begin creating each couple’s wedding day photography timeline I often schedule the essentials for the day that I know I have to document.  It’s really not until you get knee deep into the actual day that you  see the need to navigate a little differently throughout the day than you originally planned for.  We managed to set up and capture so many additional moments that were never discussed creating the timeline.  Now that I’m thinking about it, every wedding day has it’s own unique stamp in time by default.  This one just seemed to have an overflow of special moments, without ever feeling like an overflow of images or moments during the actual day.  Somehow we always manage to make it work as photographers.  Hope & Scott’s wedding was the perfect Southern wedding to me.


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