The Hanly Wedding – Montgomery Alabama Wedding Photography

Montgomery Alabama Wedding Photography

The Hanly Wedding – Montgomery Alabama Wedding Photography

Montgomery Alabama Wedding Photography

Name | Elizabeth & Gabriel

Date | 05.28.16

Ceremony Venue | St. Johns Episcopal Church

Reception Venue | Riverwalk Amphitheater

CatererJennie Weller Catering

Photography | Nick Frontiero Photography

How often as a wedding photographer do you get a call about a month out from a wedding date to capture, and still be available?  Elizabeth and Gabriel did just that.  We literally met the afternoon before the wedding at a local Starbucks to create a timeline for the day.  Elizabeth and Gabriel both reside in San Francisco, CA and were getting married in downtown Montgomery, AL.  They were so relaxed and laid back throughout the day and a lot of emotions poured through those that surrounded them throughout the day.  As I always do, I started with the bridal details and some images of the wedding parties getting ready mid-morning.  Elizabeth’s Aunt lived in a gorgeous Antebellum home near the church, as seen in the featured image of this blog post.  Just absolutely incredible natural light to work with which is nice for a change versus a hotel.  The church where they wed (St. John’s Episcopal Church) is probably one of the most beautiful and historic church’s in the area and was founded in 1909.  Elizabeth definitely thought outside the “wedding box” when planning everything.  Between their wedding ceremony and reception, they had their entire wedding party march from the church to the riverfront with an old-time marching band, also known as a “second line”,  traditional in Louisiana weddings.  One benefit this time of year to having your wedding reception gathering in downtown Montgomery is a rad fireworks display from the local minor league baseball team, which made one incredible send off for this couple:-).

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